about Segmed

It took 6+ months for our CEO to put together a medical dataset for research.

This was despite having vast academic resources at his disposal as the cardiovascular imaging research lead @ Stanford Radiology.

And so, Segmed was born. Over the past few years,we have evolved and grown to focus on solving much bigger problems—the algorithmic bias present in medical AI development and the inequalities across the healthcare system at large.

Research should be accessible, secure, and representative of more people - and Segmed wants to make this a reality.

Who We Are, Personally & Professionally

Our values

What we're all about

We may be fully remote & distributed, but we know a strong team is what drives success. Here are a few core values we abide by as a team.
Transparency: tell it like it is, whether it's good or bad
Social Good: putting people first
Learning Mentality: we acknowledge what we don’t know and find out
Integrity: do the right thing even if no one’s watching

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