Empowering Medical AI

with high quality training datasets.



The healthcare landscape is evolving…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming medical imaging. AI is already assisting radiologists with interpretations of images ranging from segmentation to classification, detection, and automatic generation of reports. In order to achieve human-level accuracy that will work across populations and geographies, we need large, diverse datasets for training. Sourcing data and getting it ready for use with high-quality labels is often difficult and takes developers years. Segmed provides a solution to speed up development, get algorithms to market faster, and ensure that they work on diverse populations.

Our vision

Segmed was founded by a group of international physicians, researchers and engineers from Stanford. We envision a future where medical AI helps people all over the world have access to a better standard of care. We are passionate about ensuring that medical AI is developed responsibly so that it works for as many people around the world as possible. Our secure cloud-based platform will accelerate the development of medical AI algorithms and shorten the time for these algorithms to get to market to help patients and clinicians.