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Discover the ultimate source for comprehensive longitudinal disease data, unlocking fit-for-purpose regulatory-grade multimodal datasets and unleashing infinite possibilities with millions of high-quality, diverse, and tokenized imaging studies.

Use Cases
Segmed’s Datasets can be utilized at various stages of Life Sciences R&D

Clinical Stage

Clinical Trial Designing
Patient Identification & Recruitment
External Control Arm

Post-approval Stage

Post Marketing Surveillance and Evidence
Drug Repurposing and Repositioning
Patient Identification for Treatment

Pre-clinical Stage

Biomarker Discovery
Understanding Natural History of Disease

Companies driving healthcare innovation with Real-World Imaging Data.


Accessing longitudinal real-world data in oncology for complex case correlation, building a data lake to speed up treatment insights, innovations, and R&D.


The comprehensive collection of longitudinal, de-identified, and tokenized real-world data has been instrumental in oncology trials. Data from patients with pancreatic cancer, including images, treatment details, and the response evaluation criteria in solid tumors (RECIST) serve as an external control arm in a clinical trial evaluating drug administration methods.

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