Announcing our $5.2M funding round.
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The fastest way to buy medical data

Segmed gets you access to millions of medical images and records for your R&D needs.

Our Mission

Simplifying access to
real-world imaging data

Segmed enables AI teams to work with de-identified, standardized medical data from our healthcare partners.
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imaging studies on our platform
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For healthcare INSTITUTIONS

Generate revenue while reducing bias in healthcare

Contributing data from your facility will help us build representative datasets and ensure that in the future, health-tech is inclusive of everyone.
Easy integration: We handle 100% of the IT work, and our EHR integrations make it simple for your team
Data analytics: Get insights on your own data through our dashboard for data partners.
Passive revenue: Our customer data request pipeline is worth millions. Enable another income stream for your facility.
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Accelerate your algorithm development pipeline

Curate your training & validation datasets on Segmed Insight