We create more equitable healthcare outcomes by leveraging the power of data.

About Us
Segmed is the fastest-growing self-serve platform for diverse, high-quality medical data.

Founded by a team of medical researchers who sought to remove the time and access barriers that stall innovation, we’re changing the way data can be accessed without compromising patient privacy.

Segmed provides end-to-end RWE governance and platform solutions, bridging customers seeking data, discovery, and digital transformation with those providing data endpoints. Our RWE network connects healthcare systems, CROs, pharmaceutical, medical devices, and technology companies to serve the life sciences and healthcare industry in a standards-based, compliant system.

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The leader in medical imaging for healthcare innovation.
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Segmed's talented and dedicated team is the cornerstone of our success.
Our Values
Explore the core values that drive our team forward.


Tell it like it is, whether it's good or bad

Learning Mentality

We acknowledge what we don’t know and find out

Social Good

Putting people first


Do the right thing even if no one’s watching

Our Culture
Life at Segmed

Where Innovation and Passion Drive Global Healthcare

At Segmed, we foster a vibrant and inclusive work environment where innovation thrives and collaboration is key. Our team is united by a shared passion for advancing healthcare through cutting-edge technology and data-driven solutions.

We prioritize personal and professional growth, ensuring every team member feels valued and empowered to achieve their best. Join us and be part of a dynamic community dedicated to making a real impact on global health.

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Join the frontline to transform life sciences and healthcare innovation.

Be a member of our dynamic team at Segmed, where your talents drive groundbreaking advancements and make a lasting impact on global health.