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One-stop shop for your AI training and FDA/CE regulatory data through subscription to Segmed high-quality database and regulatory-grade validation datasets.

Use Cases
Medical Devices AI innovation with Real-World Imaging Data.

Breast Cancer

A significant fraction of breast screenings are inconclusive, and an AI algorithm is being clinically validated with imaging studies provided by Segmed to assess the breast cancer risk in those exams.

This software will expedite the identification of women at risk of having cancer, while also reducing the need for exam callbacks.


This imaging data facilitated the development and safety evaluation of AI-based software that supports CCTA analysis.

The results are accurate assessments of the patient's cardiac risk, including grading of coronary stenosis, calcium scoring, and plaque characterization.


By supplying a comprehensive collection of MRI and CT scans of the hips and knees, we have catalyzed groundbreaking advancements in orthopedic reconstruction, sports medicine, and hip stabilization devices.

These detailed imaging datasets empower researchers and clinicians to innovate with precision, driving the development of next-generation treatments and technologies that enhance patient outcomes and redefine standards of care.

Curate Exactly The Data You Need
Curate your desired dataset at Openda platform, by filtering on criteria including but not limited to:

Body part


Source Location

Patient characteristics (age, gender, etc.)

Standardized data, ready for development

Directly download your dataset (complete with the DICOMs and associated radiology reports) from our Openda platform, or have your data piped to your cloud storage of choice.

The data you receive in hand has been standardized and fully de-identified - with any protected health information (PHI) identified and redacted prior to delivery.

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