Segmed supports cutting-edge Life Sciences and Technology industries worldwide.

Accelerating Innovation
Segmed empowers companies to achieve breakthroughs in healthcare.

Beyond our data licensing and discovery platform, Segmed is driving end-to-end digital transformation for our medical device, pharmaceuticals, CRO and academic customers. From optimizing study feasibility to site data governance for use in clinical trials to digitizing existing CT data to building a RWE analytics and trial site collaboration network globally, SegMed is the world's first fully-managed evidence platform that allows regulatory-grade multi-omics data to be available from day one. 

Segmed delivers rapid access to high-quality, diverse, and de-identified imaging studies, powered by best-in-class technology and sector expertise.

Mandate for the Use of Imaging Data in Clinical Research:

- Optimize, accelerate, and diversify clinical studies
- Enhance drug discovery, development, regulatory support, and post-market surveillance
- Drive innovation and comparative analysis for medical device organizations
- Develop and validate advanced diagnostic and treatment algorithms

and more!

Why Segmed
Segmed's offerings stand out due to our unique key differentiators.

Data Volume and Diversity
Rapidly access regulatory-grade, de-identified patient datasets with high quality, curation speed, and diversity sourced from over 2,000 healthcare locations from 5 continents.

Feasibility and Delivery Turnaround Time
Machine-ready datasets ready typically within days.

Curated Data
Segmed team of experts is ready to assist you, providing suitable and accurate datasets with DICOM images, radiology reports, and metadata.

Regulatory-grade, Fully De-identified Patient Data
Compliant with SOC II, HIPAA, ISO 27001, and ethics approval.

Longitudinal images

Screening, diagnosis, follow-up, etc

Patient demographics

Age, gender, race, and ethnicity where available

Pathology slides

Additional annotations like tumor volumetric analysis

From EHR

- Diagnosis
- Treatment history
- Patient outcome

Our Offerings
Our End-Users
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Our tech

Openda is Segmed’s proprietary data platform. It opens millions of images and health records to clinicians, researchers, and AI developers, empowering users to unlock valuable insights from diverse datasets securely and efficiently.

Openda offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline the process of accessing and utilizing imaging data for research, development, and analysis.

With its user-friendly interface and advanced capabilities, you may access some of Segmed’s imaging data right away by registering for an account here.


Incognito is Segmed´s proprietary de-identification tool, which identifies and redacts protected health information (PHI) from DICOMs and medical text reports, compliant with HIPAA Safe Harbor Standards.

It is for enterprise-wide organizations, research groups, universities, startups, hospitals and more, who needs to adhere to regulations and de-identify their data.

Get in touch with our team to schedule a demo. You can also take a look at and test our LLM-based de-id playground.


Need a complex or highly specific cohort of patient imaging datasets for your healthcare research project? We're here to support your journey. Collaborate with our team of experts to curate the perfect dataset tailored to your research needs.

Let us know the specific types of data you require by filling out our Project Feasibility Inquiry form.

Our team will promptly reach out to discuss your precise requirements, project timeline, and ensure we meet your goals seamlessly.


Unlock the potential of Segmed´s pre-packaged multimodal dataset, featuring over 1 million de-identified medical imaging studies (DICOMs & radiology reports), delivered to you within just 5 days!

Complete this form to receive access to the samples.

This dataset is just a glimpse of our extensive data library. Explore our vast network of over 100 million studies by reaching out to us today. Click here!

Security & Privacy
Protecting patient data is our priority.
Let's Make Better Healthcare

When it comes to patient data and data partnership, we fully embrace the responsibility.

At the core of our philosophy is a simple yet powerful principle: patient privacy and data security always come first. Proudly, we have achieved our SOC 2 Type II attestation and our ISO 27001:2013 certification, alongside maintaining full HIPAA compliance. But don't just take our word for it – explore the detailed measures we take on our Security Page.

Want to explore the topic further? Download our comprehensive white paper on data de-identification and discover how we're redefining data security.