Security & Privacy

At Segmed, our philosophy is that patient privacy and data security come first.

Patient Privacy

We apply our de-identification process while our data is being transferred to our servers. This means that no PHI should ever land in our servers.

Automatic PHI Removal

We use a combination of traditional and machine learning methods to remove PHI from DICOM headers and reports.

Manual Inspections

We routinely take random samples of data to check for proper de-identification.

HIPAA Compliance

Our platform follows HIPAA standards, and all team members participate in HIPAA training.

Security Infrastructure

We want to embed security practices in all parts of our company. As part of our security measures, we've bolstered our security protocols by acquiring both SOC 2 attestation and ISO 27001 certification, ensuring the highest standards of data protection.

Secure by Design

We use cybersecurity scanners and detection systems to embed security in the platform as we build it, exceeding industry standards for security.

Data Storage

Segmed uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most secure global infrastructure monitored by world-class security experts, so you can feel confident in every stage in the process.

Minimized Exposure

We automate as much of our data pipeline as possible to reduce the number of people interacting with sensitive data.

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