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Here are some of our real-world use cases:

Medical Technology - Cardiology

This imaging data facilitated the development and safety evaluation of an AI-based software that supports CCTA analysis. The results are accurate assessments of the patient's cardiac risk, including grading of coronary stenosis, calcium scoring, and plaque characterization.

Medical Devices

Provided an extensive array of MRI and CT scans of the hips and knees which led to new developments in orthopedic reconstruction, sports medicine, and hip stabilization devices.

Medical Technology - Breast Cancer

A significant fraction of breast screenings are  inconclusive, and an AI algorithm is being clinically validated with data provide by Segmed to assess the breast cancer risk in those exams. This software will expedite the identification of women at risk of having cancer, while also reducing the need of exam callbacks.


The comprehensive collection of longitudinal, de-identified and tokenized real-world data has been instrumental in oncology trials. Data from patients with pancreatic cancer, including images, treatment details, and the response evaluation criteria in solid tumors (RECIST) serve as an external control arm in a clinical trial evaluating drug administration methods.

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How we operate:

Segmed obtains, de-identifies and then provides medical imaging data to AI/ML and Real-World Imaging Data (RWiD) innovators.

Innovators need an abundance of real world data in order to train, test, and validate medical AI/ML algorithms and make new discoveries.

Work with us to ensure your data and your patients are represented in research, all while generating a passive revenue stream for your institution.
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