FDA/CE Approval

Focus more on the actual work and less on getting the work approved.

What is it?

SaMDs need to be approved by the FDA. The process can be tedious, painful, and unclear - it’s not clear what the requirements even are! 🤯

That’s where Segmed can help. Our team works with companies to:
Understand the FDA requirements for both locked and dynamic machine learning models
Fill out an application that will be approved
Submit the application and necessary paperwork for you
Store the results for future applications, audits, etc.
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Why is it important?

SaMD’s need FDA approval to be used in your application, trial, study, or body of work.

You should be focusing on the actual work, and not getting the work approved. Let us handle it now, and all the headaches going forward!

Get access to:
Age, gender and demographic breakdowns of your purchased data
An experienced team of clinician-scientists who will support you and your team on your journey to FDA approval and/or CE clearance.
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