Data Curation

Need a complex or specific cohort of patients for your project? Work with our team of experts to curate your desired dataset.

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Save yourself time!

Dataset parameters can get complicated, requiring you to devote a significant amount of time and energy into curating datasets independently. Work with us and get pre-curated datasets in hand within a few weeks.

Save yourself the work!

Rely on our expert team of clinical scientists to support you with cohort-building and data requests. Our team has supported countless customers with orders, including those preparing FDA approvals and CE marks.

Help us help you.

Tell us more about what types of data you are looking for. Fill out the data request form here, and our team will be in touch shortly to discuss your requirements, timeline and project feasibility.

Some of our curated datasets:

Chest X-rays with Pneumothorax

300 chest x-rays, from 10+ healthcare sites in the Midwest US. 150 cases positive for pneumothorax, 150 cases negative for pneumothorax (control).
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Head CT with ICH

300 Computed Tomography of the head without contrast, sourced from 10+ healthcare sites in the Midwest US. All with presence of intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH).
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Prostate MR with varied PI-RADS

200 Magnetic Resonance studies of the prostate, sourced from 5+ healthcare sites in the Eastern US. Dataset distributed across PI-RADS 1-5.
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