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Segmed’s Insight Platform Awarded Best Product in AI & Data at 2024 Product Awards

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SEGMED NAMED TOP AI & DATA PRODUCT IN THE 2024 PRODUCT AWARDS; Segmed's Insight platform was awarded as one of the Best Products for Product Managers. Follow @productscount @mightycapital and @capgemini on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see all the highlights from the Product Awards.

PALO ALTO, CA — March 13th, 2024 – Segmed, Inc. announced today that it has been named a Top AI & Data product in the 2024 Product Awards. The 7th Annual Product Awards, presented by Products That Count in partnership with Mighty Capital and Capgemini, is the only awards program designed to celebrate the tools that help Product Managers build great products. 

Nominees are chosen by Products That Count’s product manager network, and winners are chosen by an independent Awards Advisory Board composed of top product leaders. This year’s Board included product leaders from companies like Bank of America, Amazon’s Twitch, and S&P Global.

Segmed acquires, de-identifies, and subsequently provides medical imaging data to innovators in the fields of AI/ML and Real-World Imaging Data (RWiD) through Insight, their proprietary data platform. This platform grants access to millions of medical imaging data points and related records. They've developed groundbreaking technology that standardizes crucial data elements across various healthcare data providers, enabling seamless searching within longitudinal imaging data from different sources. Segmed’s customers benefit from a user-friendly interface, empowering them to build patient cohorts for real-world research and development. Segmed’s de-identified real-world imaging data has been utilized in research use cases such as validating AI algorithms for assessing cancer risk, and advancing the development of medical devices and biopharmaceutical clinical research.

“Great tools are the Product Manager’s secret weapon,” said SC Moatti, founding CEO of Products That Count, “essential for staying ahead in the competitive market landscape. I congratulate Segmed on defining product excellence in 2024 and beyond.”

“We’re very proud to win this award. Innovation in the healthcare space has lagged behind other verticals because of rules and regulations around data.” said Daniel Feusse, Sr. Product Manager at Segmed, “We’re thrilled that we are progressing on our mission to enable AI and innovation in the healthcare space; and are being recognized by Products that Count for doing so.” 

Learn more about all of the AI & Data winners at the 2024 Product Awards here:


Segmed, Inc. collaborates with life sciences and technology firms to streamline access to medical imaging data for AI training, advance biopharmaceutical R&D, and enhance global healthcare initiatives. Segmed acquires, de-identifies, and subsequently provides medical imaging data to innovators in AI/ML and Real-World Imaging Data (RWiD) through its proprietary data platform. 

Prior to Segmed, acquiring imaging data for medical research was a time-consuming process that could take months or even years. By partnering with thousands of healthcare systems and imaging clinics across five continents, Segmed aggregates, standardizes, and de-identifies medical data, so AI developers and researchers can access the data they need in as little as one week. As a rapidly growing startup born out of Stanford and Y Combinator, Segmed operates as a 100% remote and distributed team, serving the swiftly evolving field of AI.


The 7th annual Product Awards, produced by Products That Count in partnership with Capgemini and Mighty Capital, celebrate the best products for product managers, chosen by product leaders. Based on insights from thousands of product managers, the Product Awards showcase product managers’ favorite products within categories defined by our independent Awards Advisory Board, 25 product leaders committed to pushing forward the product conversation. Learn more at


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