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Introducing Segmed Insight

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Segmed Team

For there to be progress, thinkers and doers need to have the tools necessary to take ideas and put them into action. For those working in medical AI, access to copious amounts of diverse, standardized data has always been the major stumbling block to accelerating innovation. Until now.  

For years the partnership between an AI developer and a data provider has been tenuous and winding. Raw, unorganized data is not worth very much, but data providers have been unable to take on the IT lift and expertise to curate datasets for AI needs. As a result, AI developers usually spend the majority of their time cleaning data instead of developing algorithms. Even though Segmed found an adequate solution to this problem by building a database curated for AI development and serving customers as needed, we wanted to go one step further and put the power in our customers’ hands. Our ultimate goal has been to build a cloud platform where customers and researchers can access, query, and create a dataset perfect for their needs, and over the past two years, we have hired an incredible team that has helped us make  that vision a reality. 

We are beyond happy to introduce Segmed Insight.

Segmed Insight is the first healthcare data cloud platform curated for artificial intelligence development. All of the data within Insight have been de-identified, sorted, and cleaned for immediate use. What’s more, data scientists and researchers can now search through millions and millions of data points to build their perfect dataset instantly. Insight offers a comprehensive database with unmatched diversity and volume thanks to our numerous data partners, who span 4 continents and make a daily impact on millions of lives. The best part, however, is that the platform is growing rapidly as we onboard more data partners and expand our data offerings to beyond radiology. 

Insight will surely experience growing pains as we seek to scale and satisfy all of our customers’ needs, but we are confident that we have created a platform that is a first step forward. To our customers: thank you for your feedback so far and your patience as we continue to implement improvements. We created this with your needs in mind, and we strive to satisfy every single pain point, no matter how small. To our data partners: none of this would be possible without you. Thank you for putting your trust in us to build a platform which we hope will push the healthcare innovation needle forward.

Segmed was founded when our co-founder Martin struggled to pull together a radiological dataset for a publication despite having vast academic resources at his disposal. It was a small problem. Over the past two years, however, Segmed has evolved and grown to focus on solving much bigger problems - the algorithmic bias present in medical AI development and the inequalities across the healthcare system at large. We are proud of what we have accomplished so far and are excited to continue on this journey to do our part in making healthcare work for everyone. 

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