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Top Reasons You Can't Miss Segmed at SCOPE Summit '24

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Andréia Pereira

At SCOPE Summit '24, join Segmed at booth #101 to know our cutting-edge solutions that are revolutionizing healthcare. Meet our team to explore innovative possibilities and redefine the future of clinical insights and research design. #SCOPEsummit

1. Revolutionizing Clinical Insights:

  • Witness Segmed's groundbreaking innovation in integrating Real-World Data (RWD) with Randomized Control Trials (RCT) at SCOPE. In the dynamic landscape of healthcare advancements, our pioneering solutions redefine how clinical executives approach patient insights and research design.

2. Overcoming Data Challenges:

  • Discover how Segmed addresses the challenges of accessing imaging Real-World Data alongside Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Our commitment to overcoming these obstacles propels Life Science and MedTech forward, accelerating the development of new therapies and devices for the benefit of patients.

3. Supporting Clinical Operations Excellence:

  • As a proud sponsor of SCOPE, Segmed aims to showcase how our best-in-class solutions support clinical operations executives. Learn firsthand how we enable access to Real World Imaging Data (RWiD) and provide a wealth of de-identified patient health data, facilitating medical advancements toward enhanced treatments and diagnostics.

4. Plenary Session Highlight:

  • Attend the not-to-be-missed Plenary Session, "Modernizing Trials with FDA & Intersection of Innovative Development Models and Investment Approaches," featuring Chairperson's Remarks by Jie Wu, PhD, Co-Founder & CDO of Segmed, on February 13th at 2:20 pm (EST). Gain valuable insights on how we are shaping the future of clinical trials.

5. Immersive Product Demonstrations at Booth #101:

  • Visit Segmed's Booth #101 at the Exhibition Hall for immersive product demonstrations and use-case scenarios. Explore how we tailor imaging datasets to meet your research needs, including unlocking longitudinal oncology patient datasets, enriching patient records with real-world imaging data, providing multimodal datasets, and ensuring secure de-identification with Segmed Incognito. Don't miss the opportunity to witness firsthand how Segmed can transform your research capabilities.

Connect with our team at SCOPE by scheduling a conversation through this form. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to engage with you and explore the limitless possibilities of healthcare transformation through innovative solutions.

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