Empowering Medical AI

with high quality training datasets.


The Segmed Solution


The healthcare landscape is evolving…

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming medical imaging. AI is already assisting radiologists with interpretations of images ranging from segmentation to classification, detection, and automatic generation of reports. In order to achieve human-level accuracy, AI algorithms need large datasets with accurate labels for training. Sourcing large datasets and getting them ready for use with high-quality labels is often difficult and takes companies years.

Right now, medical AI companies usually develop in-house labelling methods to acquire labels. This can be time-consuming, high cost, difficult to manage and the quality of the labels is not guaranteed. Segmed provides a solution to speed up development and get algorithms to market faster.


Current Limitations to speedy development:

  • Lack of access to a large number of medical experts and/or medical data

  • Management of medical experts for labeling takes time, effort, and is expensive

  • Data security & HIPAA compliance

  • No standardized workflow, including labeling procedures, data I/O format, quality control, adjudication process, and DICOM software


Segmed provides the ideal solution

Easy access to the medical experts around the world

Segmed has a global network of medical imaging experts from North America, Europe and Asia, with a wide range of expertise, including board certificate radiologists, radiology residents, technologists, and medical students.

Fast labelling process through outsourcing

Segmed’s unique workflow enables the labelling task to be easily distributed to large number of medical experts from different countries, with standardized procedures for the highest quality labels.

Standardized workflow for image labelling

Segmed provides a web-based platform with easy-to-follow instructions and demos to ensure that our labels are high quality. This allows each medical expert to work in the same style so that labels are consistent and accurate. Segmed collects and organizes the labels and delivers them to medical AI companies in their desired data format.

Curated Datasets

Through partnerships with international hospitals, Segmed can provide both data and custom labels according to customer needs. By using our platform, companies can access more comprehensive datasets than they would be able to generate themselves.

Minimized data handling risk

Anonymized images will be uploaded and stored in Segmed’s secure cloud. De-identification of the images is verified by Segmed. The medical experts on the platform are only able to view and label the images from the web-based platform. This prohibits access to potentially sensitive information in DICOM headers.