Our Experts 

Segmed finds and manages expert radiologists, residents, technicians, and medical students from all over the world to label images so companies can focus on building their algorithms, not labeling their data. We’ve made it our priority to partner with the best labelers to annotate images so that companies can get medical AI to market faster and start helping patients and clinicians as quickly as possible.



“At Stanford, we are developing multiple AI algorithms in the research setting. Being involved in this process both as a clinician as well as a researcher, I understand that high quality annotations are needed to develop commercially available algorithms. At Segmed, high quality annotations are a top priority.”

— Domenico Mastrodicasa, MD

Postdoctoral Researcher @ Stanford University School of Medicine
Board Certified Radiologist in Italy

“As a radiology resident who is trained both in the Czech Republic and the United States, with a special interest in pediatric radiology, I am committed to furthering the development of clinically-relevant AI algorithms. I am honored to label medical images for Segmed.”

— Martin Koci, MD

Radiology Resident @ Motol University Hospital, Prague, Czech Republic