Our Data Partners

Segmed helps hospitals, medical imaging clinics, and medical software vendors monetize their data while keeping patient privacy and safety paramount. Segmed completely handles data export, curation for AI, and security after a few initial consultations with the partners’ IT department. We then manage the process of marketing and distributing the data to AI developers so that healthcare providers can focus on what they do best— taking care of patients.


  1. Monetize your data

    Most hospitals and medical imaging clinics report wanting to monetize their data, but getting it ready and managing the process is a lot of work. Let Segmed assist your facility with exporting, anonymizing, organizing, and labeling your medical data so that it is perfect for AI development.

  2. Outsource data requests

    Data providers are being bombarded with requests to access data for development every day, all over the world. Partnering with Segmed means that your data is already organized and ready to go, which cuts down the overhead for administrators.

  3. Supercharge your facility’s research

    Many academic hospitals want to simplify the data access process for their own researchers. Partnering with Segmed means that the researchers in your facility will get a research subscription to our platform and be able to perform cutting edge research on data from a diverse range of institutions, opening up new lines of inquiry that wouldn’t have been possible before.

  4. Help make AI safer for everyone

    As individuals working in healthcare, we are all culpable for making sure that the next generation of medicine is safe and effective for as many people as possible. Ensuring AI works for everyone is best accomplished by pooling data from many diverse sources. Contribute yours and ensure that your patients and others like them aren’t left behind.


  • Data Security — The Segmed platform and data pipeline is being built according to industry standard security practices. This includes HIPAA compliance, encryption, and comprehensive anonymization techniques.

  • Customers — Our internal code of ethics stipulates that we only work with customers whose purpose aligns with our mission and values. We only work with companies who are using medical data to further the field of healthcare by developing advanced diagnostics, workflows, and tools.

  • Flexibility — We have the ability to either fully export anonymized medical data or use the data for training without it ever leaving the facility by setting up infrastructure internally. We work with each of our partners to determine the best path for them.