Our Customers

Who works with us?

Segmed helps companies and research groups access the highest quality training datasets for the development of our algorithms. Our customers include anyone doing medical AI development in medical imaging— including AI radiology companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, surgical robotics companies, radiation oncology companies, and academic research institutions.


  1. High quality, generalizable data

    Working with Segmed allows our customers to have access to a much higher volume of training data than they could access on their own. Our core business is making partnerships with trusted data partners from all over the world, curating the data we access, and ensuring that it is perfectly suited for AI development.

  2. Custom annotations

    Our customers can request custom annotations on the training data they need to ensure that it is perfectly suited to their development workflow. We distribute the cases to our certified experts and manage the annotation process with the help of the ML developers involved to ensure we deliver the perfect results every time.

  3. Trustworthy quality control & adjudication

    Our teams has extensive experience with quality control and adjudication in the academic setting, and we are translating this commercially with the hope of setting standards for the medical imaging AI industry.

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